“Designing a home that makes you feel good is like writing a poem”

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Welcome to Bay Architecture,
an internationally award winning superior professional architectural practice based in the beautiful Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand, led by Otto Suri.

Otto speaks English, German, French and Italian.
Suri architects have practiced in Switzerland since 1941.

About us
At Bay Architecture we are passionate experts of timeless European – Mediterranean architecture. Our alterations and new homes reflect clarity, pure spirits, simplicity, being simultaneously modern and archaic, by controlling space, light, scale and proportions. Our designs create a sense of liberty, peace and harmony, for a happy and easy living, an infectious ‘joie de vivre’.

Point of View from others
Otto Suri is known as the most sought-after [Swiss] architect in Northland. He is famous for converting existing building into outstanding homes with a soul and heart, by creating elegant European and Mediterranean masterpieces that blend with the natural wonder of the Far North. His designs are the most sought after properties in the Bay of Islands. You cannot over capitalise on a Suri. His designs typically hold a premium price when sold.

Here is our very long story…