How to Prepare for your Design Project

How to create a design brief before engaging an architect

Renovating or building a new house can and should be really exciting. However too often we hear stories unexpected surprises, misunderstandings between the contractor, the client and the designer on the contracted scope of the project, and allowances for items not specified in the contract.

We have decided to do something about it.

It all comes down to the brief

A good working relationship with your architect is based on open, honest communication. This starts with a good brief that helps the architect understand your expectations, preferences, wants, needs, aspirations and lifestyle. If your expectations are not clearly outlined and understood by all parties, you run the risk of spending unnecessary money, project complications, and costly delays. The designer and contractor will struggle to understand what to include when pricing your project.

A well thought-out design brief is the foundation for a successful project.

This guide will help you cover critical aspects of a design brief. Towards the end of this document, you will find two worksheets that will help you outline your design brief.

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