Core Services – Options

If you have decided that you want to work with us to either renovate, or build a new house, then choose out of these Service Options which we introduced some time ago to best help and suit your budget. We call our packages ‘Fundamental’, ‘Essential’ and ‘Premium’. Please find below the values of each package explained:

1. The ‘Fundamental’ package is to study and verify specific site conditions, building rules, legal conformities, to develop ideas potentiating the site and/or an existing house, to develop concepts. This package consists of:

  • Preparation, brief, investigation of site conditions, feasibility studies, Needs & Options Review: minimising the risk, find the better design solution, bring the project home ‚on time and on budget‘.
  • Pre design / sketch or concept design, develop concept drawings,
  • Rough Ball Park Budget of building costs,
  • Proposition of  Engagements of Consultants/Specialists,

The benefit for the client is that the project is put on ‚solid foundations‘, minimising the risk, maximising the best design solutions, saving the client’s money in the long run.


2. The ‘Essential’ package’s task is to develop the project until a Building Consent is granted by the Territorial Authorty. The outcome is a project which is ready to be built. This package includes:

  • All of above mentioned in the ‚Fundamental‘ package, plus
  • Developed Design, 3D-walk through model, Detailed Design, Contract Documentation – Working drawings and Specification of materials and work, Building Permit(s),
  • Co-ordination of Consultants/Specialists incl. controlling their respective tasks, team meetings and checking their documents,
  • Prepare Building Permit(s), launch a Building Consent application, dealing with Q & A from Council, until the BC is issued.

The benefit for the client is that all planning / design work is in ONE hand (architect’s hand), who is fully reponsible for the issue of the Building Permit by the TA. The original clarity of the design idea is running through like a consistent thread, with no deviation. The client gets a house designed by an expert architect, rather by a draught person.


3. The ‘Premium’ package is to allocate the work, to administer the builder’s contract, assure that the site works comply with the documents and finally the client gets his project signed off by the Territorial Authorities. This package includes:

  • All of above mentioned in the‚ Essential‘ package, plus
  • Contract procurement, tendering and negotiations
  • Contract administration during Construction Phase: Site meetings, observation of work, issueing instructions and notices under the contract, variation, extension of time, progress payments / issue Progress Payment Certifications, final account.
  • Completion: certification of Practical Completion, defects liability period and certification, final completion, Code Compliance Certificate from Council.

The benefit for the client is that he doesn’t have to care about the site works and contacts with the Territorial Authority. For many clients who live overseas this “turn-key” feature is of an essence. (We had the full confidence of clients who lived in Azerbaijan, Germany, UK and Australia).